Monday, December 31, 2007

November 07

Nothing happened in November except that we made it to our 8th anniversary and began a whole new year. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Oh and we potty trained Miss Abigail...oh wait she still wears a diaper. We did get a new camera so in December we have pictures. Yahoo. Olivia was off track in November, and to be honest I think we just woke up, cleaned the house, ate dinner, and went to bed. We had Thanksgiving at my Dad's, and Jared and Kelli came to visit. It was very fun to see them again.

October 07

Halloween is fun, but I don't have any pictures of my kids on Halloween. My camera broke in Cabo. One of the many fun experiences I associate with that trip. I know that it is terrible so for all you grandparents who took pictures I need them. Abi was a witch and Livy was a pirate. But instead of looking at those pictures we are just going to show pictures that my good friend Jen took here in Daybreak of my girls. I am so excited about how these turned out. She decided after taking these pictures she is going to take photography a little more seriously, and invested in more equipment. I should mention my kids were horrible so I am not sure how any of these turned out. She is impressive.

September 07

September was an eventful month....I quit my job of 11 years to stay home and be with my kids full time with no distractions. Jason and I had a great idea to go back to Mexico because we thought Cancun was so wonderful this time without kids to see if we could remember why we got married, and what life was like without just talking about our kids. We really needed it and I suggest it to anyone who has been married a long time, and forgot to talk the last year about their needs from each other. Also we hadn't been on a vacation alone with each other since our honeymoon 8 years earlier. We went to Cabo because we thought it would be similar enough, but cheaper. I suggest Cabo instead of Cancun to anyone who needs this type of vacation because there was nothing for us to do, but talk to each other. If you drink a lot however, I think you should go somewhere else because then you would be very busy. My favorite memory from the trip would have to be the very romantic night cruise we went on that actually turned out to be a "Booze Cruise". It is a perfect choice for those who don't drink because people stare and laugh at you when you ask for just water. (Luckily I made Jason ask so technically they were laughing at him) We both thought about jumping off the boat several times, but weren't sure we would make it to shore. A little piece of advice for you who travel...research stuff before you go. Your welcome, no charge.

August 07

Olivia finally learns to ride a bike. I would like to say thanks to me and Jason spending time teaching her, but it wasn't. Our neighbors next door all ride bikes and they were Olivia's favorite friends so she had to learn. Megan, the oldest out of all of them taught Olivia to ride her bike. Thanks Megan!!! Then shortly after that feat Olivia starts Kindergarten.... Yes that is Jason doing her hair on her first day. Hey, it doesn't mean he is feminine it might just mean that I am not that feminine. Her teacher is Mrs. Thayer, and she is wonderful. I can only hope we continue having great teachers throughout the rest of her years. She struggled at first, but has gotten into the classroom rhythm, and is doing very well. I go and help with centers once a week and have enjoyed watching her interact with classmates. The kids in her class are extremely cute. She is on year round so it has been fun having her home for 3 week intervals so she can babysit...
j/k I wouldn't really call it "babysitting" because then I would have to pay her.