Monday, May 12, 2008

Dad's Git Mad

For those of you who hate blogs because they only talk about how funny their kid's are now is the time to not read this entry. Or my last 5 for that matter...Sorry, but this is what I've got that is funny to me....So a couple of Sunday's ago I had my sister's kids while she went on her 10 year anniversary trip. We took them to church with us, and I gave each of the kids a paper book with like 10 sheets in it and told them to write a story. I was busy setting up classrooms for primary so Jason had to keep all 5 kids under control before Sacrament. And apparently Olivia felt the need to express what happened in her point of view artistically...So anyway here is Olivia's story she wrote.....
This is her with her "Shrinking Machine" that she is going to zap us with.
Her zapping us.
Her bigger than both of us....And the rest of the book she gets bigger and bigger. I thought it was a pretty clever story. Especially since I know she has never seen "Honey I shrunk the kids" or any movie like that. Will she be a world renowned story teller, or book writer? For now we can only wonder.....

Mother's Day

Now I have no idea why any mom wouldn't be excited to celebrate Mother's Day. I have often heard it reminds you of what a crappy mom you are. Lucky for me I guess that I am not. I for one love it, and this year was reminded of how great of a mother I am. Jason made me dinner, and it was delicious. Abi gave me a beautiful card that was a flower. My friend Lisa gave me a box of chocolate covered strawberries from V's chocolate that were divine. Even my little brother Parker got me a mother's day gift, (I am still trying to decide if he has a mysterious bug and is dying or if he ruined something of mine...jk I love it Parker, and will use it all the time) But as if all that didn't make me feel like a great person and mother, Olivia made me a cute little emblem of her love...She made me a book that I am positive that her teacher at school and classmates must think I am Mother of the Year.
That is right...I am a professional sleeper. I am not sure what other kids wrote, but I am sure their mothers aren't near as fascinating. Ironically, I made a book for my mom this year with my siblings, and I think my pages are a little nicer and fitting. You be the judge...Who is the better daughter?...Olivia or me?...j/k