Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just for the Record....

We are moving. We are excited. We think this is the best thing for our family. We love our neighbors, friends, and ward. We are not getting kicked out of our home. We are not destitute. We are not crazy. We do not have round worm. We are simply on a mission to simplify. I will keep you posted from time to time on how well I do at simplifying. Right now it seems like cake, but right now I haven't done much to simplify so...ask me in a month.

I can't even say the word simplify without laughing because I went to that blog: Seriously, So Blessed that really mocks our culture, and it dawned on me that I am this "culture". I was reading several sections, and was dying laughing, and then I would read a section, and be like that wasn't that funny. (because it pertained to something I do.)

Anyway there was an entry about simplifying....About how she was going to simplify:

This is my darling new slogan and I am putting it EVERYWHERE: ginormous glittery wood letters in dinning room, vinyl in kitchen, stickers on clocks, scrapbooked pitcher frames in living room, handpainted on the damask upstairs, seriously, EVERYWHERE. Made JJWT, Alivyiah & Tridger binders with color-coded simplicity instructions for every day of the week {with a complicated reward system} and then called all the people in my home biz donwline & invited them to buy wood letters that say SIMPLIFY for a 30% discount if they color code there closets and binders the same way! Also I brain-storm'd some rules to help me.
My goals for being more SIMPLIFY:

1. be way less materialistic
2. own a buttload of shoes
3. grow my hair way past my boobs
4. put everything in this font

That isn't my exact list, but she was pretty close. :)