Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jason's 1st Surgery

SO...Jason has been complaining of stomach problems for like 4 years now. On Sunday I had, had it. We were with his family that night and he probably said 2 words the whole night. He said his stomach hurt. I very nicely and patiently told him he needs to go to a doctor because as much as I have loved hearing about it for all these years, I think others are tired of it. I would gladly have let it continue because that is what a great and sensitive wife I am. So Sunday night he slept like crap, and in turn I slept like crap. Monday he went to work at like 4:45am, and at 8 he was dying. So shockingly he called to make an appt. with the doctor. They said they couldn't get him in until next week (we thought it was his ulcers) but by 11am he was dying. So again shockingly he took himself to the hospital, and called me a little later saying they were going to do surgery and it was his appendix. The surgery went great, and a week later he is still in some pain, but getting better. So thanks to all those who helped: Garn with the blessing, My Dad and Jeannie and Garrett with the kids, Dani for the warm cookies you ate and said were for us, Jen and Liz for dinner, Schrader's for dinner (I know, I have good friends. Who makes dinner for people when there husband gets sick?), and all the calls of people being worried. I know you all want to see his pictures of his appendix....So here you go, a look inside of Jason.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ode to Sammy

Just FYI Sam is my favorite nephew right now. I know you might think it is rude to play favorites, but he can say my name cuter than anyone I know. I LOVE YA, SAMMY. Even though your parents think you aren't very bright, and cry a lot. I love ya.

Playing with Cousins

Here are a few pictures of all the cousins on the Despain side. Parker, and Garrett when will you be adding to this little clan???? Just Kidding. Abi loves playing with Ashton and Sam, and Livy loves them all. Garrett loves his mom, Jared and Justin think they are Gangsters, and Abi and Ashton think they can jump really high. (don't tell them they can't)

The Race...

So we decided that the St. George Half is a good Despain tradition. We also thought with the training going through the holidays it would really help with losing the holiday lbs. It didn't really work for me, but I can't imagine how much I would weigh without running everyday. Well race day came, and I felt good that morning from mile 6 on I started getting really sick. First I took out my hair to help the headache, and then I just looked like pure ugliness, and it went down hill from there. I gotta say I really didn't want to finish, but didn't want to feel like a loser when my brother and sister were at the finish line, and I drive up in the car all lame. So I pushed through, and hope on my next race to not get sick. Why I didn't get sick on training days I am not sure, but I never want to feel or look that crappy again in front of that many people. If you don't believe me I am putting up a really bad picture of me. The other pictures Jason took to show me who finished before me. He thought he was funny until he saw me, and then apologized. Thanks to my family for driving all the way to St. George to support me, and a shout out to my Dad who couldn't run because of Gall Bladder surgery. Way to go Jared who is the fastest guy I've ever met, and Dani who killed me. Love ya

Christmas Day

Christmas was great. I loved it more this year than any year. Watching your kids open presents is the absolute best feeling in the world. I want them to stay young, and be this excited the rest of their lives. We love you all, and hope you had a wonderful year. I know I joke a lot about everything, this year was hard, but we grew so much, and learned more than we ever could have imagined. We are so grateful for all our friends and family and all the support we have received. Love ya all.

Christmas Eve

The tooth fairy came on Christmas Eve, Eve. Livy was ecstatic. Her first lost tooth. It is a sad day for me though because before I know it she will be dating a dude with no ambition who lives on welfare, and has fathered several children.

Christmas Eve we spent with Jason's side of the family at the Mackay family home. It was a lot of fun. We read our favorite Christmas stories, and I am pretty sure Alex read the longest version of The Night Before Christmas, I have ever heard. j/k she did a good job, and I am just jealous that I can't read that good. In fact I think summer I will enroll in "the school for kids that can't read good. " We got our annual pj's and robes this year made by Grandma Chilcote.