Thursday, June 26, 2008

27 Moments

I recently turned 27 and was thinking about the last 27 years, and thought I should document the top 27 most defining moments of my life so far....
(In no particular order of importance)
#1. Being born, I still remember coming through the birth canal, and how traumatic it was. Not really, but since it is why I am here on this earth I think it counts as a significant event.
#2. Getting my 6th toe cut off. I remember being scared, and I remember bringing my doll with me and we both got casts.
#3. Being Baptized. I can't say I remember the day perfectly, but I do remember it.
#4. Moving to Canyon Cove, and starting a new school, and wanting to play soccer at recess, and 2 girls pulled my hair the first day and said I couldn't play that it was only them and the boys who were allowed to play.
#5. Going to camp that summer and becoming best friends with the girl who pulled my hair, and was now allowed to play soccer the next year. *Lesson learned: people are not always what they seem. (P.S. I was only in 4th grade and the camp was co-ed. Does that still fly these days, or am I just a prude now that I have kids?)
#6. Which brings me to my first "boyfriend" whom I met at camp, and he asked me out. He gave me a yellow walkman, and I pecked him on the cheek at the 7-11 after dodging his kiss and making him feel dumb in front of all his friends. And that was about it (I am pretty sure we stopped talking after he asked me to be his girlfriend because I was too embarrassed)
#7. Standing in line for foursquare and a girl said something really rude, and I took it out on her when we started playing, and then got in trouble because I knocked the wind out of her with the ball (who knew foursquare was so dangerous?)
#8. I would have to say my parents divorce with no disrespect to them, but it was definitely a defining moment in my life. My siblings and I really became close and took care of each other and grew up a lot through this.
#9. Jr. High as a whole would definitely be a big moment. Realizing that you need to make choices and they might not be choices that make you popular, and at that time it seems like the end of the world.
#10. Running for class office in 7th grade and losing to Chad....(he gave out sugar daddies, I couldn't compete)jk But seriously can't believe I still remember that. It obviously bugged me, and gave me a reason to not feel as bad.
#11. (Not one I am proud of, but nonetheless defining) Met a group of girls that I had never laughed so hard in my life with. We hung out all the time, and were truly best friends. We really didn't gossip about each other, but we decided being thieves was a good rush (don't worry we all got caught eventually and paid our penance) Lesson learned: You can't get something for nothing, and my Dad made it very clear that stealing was the lowest of the low, and that I was actually taking food off of other families tables for a little thrill, and stuff I didn't want enough to buy.
#12. Getting asked to "Promotion" and then ditched that night, and went to dinner with my friends who hadn't been asked, and realizing they were happy I was ditched. Lesson learned: Friends sometimes want to see other friends suffer.
Lesson learned for the boy who ditched me: Don't ditch Whittney or she will make you regret it with the worst toilet papering ever (and perhaps it wasn't just toilet paper)
#13. Sophomore year.
#14. Driver's Ed...I am not sure why Katelyn and I passed, we really kind of sucked.
#15. My first real boyfriend, kiss, rumors, and heart break. (or so you thought when you were that age)
#16. Getting a wristband for the U2 concert, and didn't know who they were when I got it, and miraculously got a lot of friends who called a lot.
#17. My first real job: Sierra West Jewelers. Lesson learned: When they think you won't be good if you work harder you can convince them. My manager Trudy thought I was too young, and couldn't believe they hired me. So I had to work extra hard and eventually won her over. (Funny side note one of the owners one night saw me putting stuff away like we did every night, and wasn't too sure about me and asked like 4 people to come and make sure I wasn't stealing
and every single one of them laughed and told me why they were there. I guess he didn't know I had already learned my lesson like 5 defining moments ago)
#18. Turning 16 and meeting Jason like 3 months later.
#19. First date with Jason...Dinner in Park City, Bowling, and talking all night. Couldn't stop looking at him, and was instantly smitten.
#20. Sconecutter Sr. Year....: Let me tell you why this is always something I will remember. I had broken up with Jason to "date", but I didn't really date anyone and was depressed. One night me and some friends went to Sconecutter, and Jason was there with a friend and another group of girls I used to hang out with. Their was one girl hanging on him, and I wasn't jealous because he was looking at me the whole night. When we left my friend Katelyn said: "I know you will marry him." I remember thinking I know it too.
#20. Graduation Day....Couldn't wait to graduate, had big plans, and thought being an adult sounded fun....
#21. Engagement/Wedding....Talk about a life changer. Thought I was old enough to
get married, and said yes. I believe, looking back that is the last date we went on which is significant in itself. (jk)
#22. Honeymoon, and not for the reason you think sicko's. It was the first time I realized that this is the man I chose to spend forever with, and found out he was really quite funny and made me laugh which turned out to be a bonus. (he was pretty serious when we dated)
#23. Pregnancy, is significant not only because something is growing in you, but suddenly you rethink and doubt any decision you have ever made, and hope beyond anything you can help this little person become better, and stronger than you are. (which is hard when you are as great as me, where do you go from here?jk) Not to mention all the sudden I grew an organ that made me worry about things I never thought twice about before having kids.
#24. Olivia: What a life change. What a sweet spirit that was brought into my life. I never knew I could love a child more than I already had. I love her, and still learn from her everyday. She has taught me to enjoy the small things in life, and she truly is grateful for everything she gets, and treasures any time we spend with her. (that is when I am not napping)
#25. Abigail: Another big moment and life change. One is a lot, but two that is a whole new world. I think the big man thought it would be a riot to give me Olivia first, and then throw the firecracker at me just when I thought Olivia was the way she was because of our parenting. Abi has a mind of her own since she was in the womb. I couldn't have asked for a more devoted sidekick. She always wants me, but still will go to others. Lately she talks a lot, and is so much fun. She truly is someone who makes me smile.
#26. Quitting my job to be an at home mom. When I go other places I don't have to be one just at home. What a year. I have never felt more fulfilled, frustrated, happy, content, maid like, satisfied, sad, depressed, and yet extremely lucky. I know it may sound like I am bipolar, and I might be. That could explain a lot, but I can honestly say I have felt all of these things, and yet still know I want to watch my kids grow up, and I want to be home for them, and am trying to cast spells on them that make them grow up a little slower. I know I can't have these years back, and hope I remember to be where today is, and not look for tomorrow.
#27. Turning 27, and looking back thinking what did I do the last 27 years? Finally getting comfortable in my own skin, and knowing who I am, and who these last 27 years made me. Looking forward to hopefully at least another 27, and hoping I will be a better/semi-smarter person than I am today. If you took the time to read all 27 thank you, but you probably need a life. jk...Love ya all Whittney