Thursday, March 26, 2009

"It's Hot and It's Cold"

What is with this weather you ask? We had been asking ourselves
that for a while and decided it was time while Liv's was off track to go on a warm Vacation.....
We started off in Vegas at my Brother's house, we did the Hoover Dam Half which I sucked at, but what is new. (Jared rocked it) I just freak myself out on the actual race. Maybe I should always just train and never actually do a real race. I think I am missing a couple of genes that make you not give up at the end. ....Oh well. We then went on the Dam tour. It was fabulous except that I smelled and looked bad.

Then on Sunday we celebrated Olivia's birthday with Grandpa and Grandma Despain and my Brother's fam.
(Yes, those are curlers in Kelli's hair, and no she is not a grandma yet.) jk
We went to the park after dinner and some cheesecake, and played on the cool playground by their house. (Notice it is like 6pm and we are not even wearing coats)
This is my little Oliver with the cutest cheeks in the world.
Thanks Jared, Kelli and Fam you are very hospitable. And thanks for all the perks and helps for our vacation!!!!

Then starting Monday we did the Disneyland thing for the next couple of days, (All I can say is corn dogs, cotton candy, and lots of churro's)

Abi's face is priceless on all the rides. Not to mention usually messy
from all the treats...

The girls were worn out by the end of the night Abi would always fall asleep, but Olivia would get a second wind so the last night we let her choose the last ride, and she chose the rockets....It was probably the longest line we waited in the whole time, but she got her Dad to go with her so she was in heaven.

Next up Seaworld (thanks for coming Mrs. Weenig we loved it!!!!)

Abi going Shamu!!! Shamu!!! Once she realized we
were not in the splash zone.
Proof that I have a friend
Then we did a day at Universal Studio's lucky for you our camera went dead so we only have one picture here

We finished our trip off with a day at the beach
(which we should have done more of).

This is one of my favorite pictures below because it was on the last day and Olivia was like "Here let me take a picture of You, Dad and Abi. I have been in all the pictures."
This is your car when you get home Elder Despain

And here is where we Say Good-bye to our beach day. :(

We enjoyed every minute (except the Hoover Dam Half.) jk
We tried to find ways to stay on vacation for at least another month, realized it wasn't practical, and drove home to the freezing cold, and an inch of snow in March. I know there are people out there that probably miss the snow (Katelyn), but that is only because you are nuts. Jk...

*Sorry, I know you probably are all like wow please show us a few more pictures of your vacation, but this is really for my brother who is on a mission so he can see what he is missing out on. :)