Sunday, March 23, 2008

Young Chefs Academy

Olivia's 6th birthday....Wow I have a six year old. I would like to say that I can remember when I was 6, but I am afraid I have blocked it out. Just kidding, I just have no memories any more. I must be getting old. Anyhoo we did a double party with our neighbor that lives behind us, and it was a riot... We went to the Young Chef's that another neighbor owns, and we were their very first party. The kids made their own pizza, and learned a little about cooking.
A few of my favorite moments were:
1. When they are talking about the dough they said it raises and grows just like you do, and my nephew raises his hand and says "I don't grow" (he is a little short for his age)
2. The lady who had a french accent who taught the class made me feel like I really was learning how to make dough for the first time, in France.
3. Watching 25 kids actually sit still, and listen for more than 2 minutes.
4. And last but not least the moment when we took all the kids home, and didn't have to clean up anything.
A big thanks to Young Chef's and Tauna and Wendi for all your work. It was amazing.