Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cooler Than Me....

So I have been doing some catching up on blogs lately, and I realized the majority of people are cooler than me....You know who you are. So instead of writing a blog about what I have been doing I thought I would let you all in on a few things We/I didn't do:

For instance:
I did finally make it to Long Beach, but I
didn't put any sunscreen on anyone, (it wasn't hot)! I did receive an award for Mother of The Year, though it wasn't an official award, but I could see it in people's eyes that they wanted to nominate me.

Easter did come and go but we
didn't make, buy, or even attempt to have any Easter attire this year...We didn't meet Obama, hear his speech and shake his hand, but we did pass this guy on the street and take his picture...
didn't take Abi to Preschool one time this year, but thanks to a wonderful Grandma and cousin she still graduated with honors. Thank you, thank you....
didn't miss the first school performance Olivia has ever actually engaged in....

We did make it to the Chilcote Family vacation, but we
didn't all fit in our tent....

didn't go to stadium of fire, or the Rodeo, or even a block party....but we did see these:
For all of you who are feeling better about your lives after reading this post, just know this....I have truly in under a year mastered the art of "simplifying". Goal accomplished. If you don't do anything, nothing is complicated and everything becomes simple. Peace out.