Thursday, December 27, 2007

July 07

Girls Camp, Girls Camp, Girls Camp...I went to the craziest, pirateyist girls camp ever. Can you believe pirate babies drank Mountain Dew? I personally think it is wrong, but that is what pirates do. We were all pirate's the first day and everything went around the Pirate theme. We came up with great songs like VIRTUOUS to Fergie's glamorous, and Yo ho Yo ho a virtuous life for me. ( I have copies if any of you want to hear it. It sounded exactly like Fergie and her group.* We did lame skits that at the time we thought were funny, stayed up late, talked about aliens, had scripture study and devotionals every night, swam in a lake or swamp that probably had a lot of bacteria in it, made the girls hate us, made the girls tell us they liked us, and went home. We were exhausted by the time we got home, and I can honestly say I have never been that tired.

*song listed above did not actually sound like Fergie and her group

June 07

Now it wouldn't be fair to give Parker, and Garrett April and May and not talk about myself for the June since I did celebrate the biggest birthday yet...The big 26...It really wasn't that great, I quite honestly expected a lot more. June has too many birthday's I guess when kids go back to school in September adults get busy making kids. Because I have to celebrate like 6 people's birthday in June before I even get to mine, and then half the time it lands on Father's Day which usually rains on my parade. So who doesn't have to make dinner and watch the kids on that day? I don't know you tell me because we can't decide which makes both of us do nothing which in turn means we go hungry and our kids are a mess by the end of the day. Then we are both mad because the day didn't go how we wanted it. Anyway, I am willing to bet that '08 will be better because that can't happen again...right? Really the main thing that happened is Olivia graduated from Preschool. She sang, and said her parts the graduation was so cute. I think she is going to be a performer one day...Oh wait that wasn't her she just sat there with a scowl on her face. So I guess if you ever need a performance of a shy, mean looking person she is your girl. We loved her preschool teacher, and were sad to say good-bye.

May 07

Now it wouldn't be fair to give Garrett the whole month of April and not give Parker May. So.... I should just say I don't remember doing anything crazy for Parker's Birthday, and actually looking back feel really bad about it. So for that...Parker you are my favorite brother and you are the best looking brother too. Thanks for being born in May. .....Other things that happened in May were Mother's Day. Oh how it is my favorite day of the year, I don't cook, clean, take care of kids...Well I really don't do that any other days either (as per Jason) so I guess it's like every day is Mother's Day.

April 07

April was of course my brother Garrett's Birthday. This is a picture of the kids minus Claire (sorry) after we all went to lunch for his 18th birthday. We definitely didn't do anything else that meaningful in April. We went to lunch at the Macaroni Grill. Boy that was fun with all the kids and Garrett finally being an adult didn't get a kids meal!! The big 18...Wow so much changed he really grew up. He moved out, got a real job, got rid of the silly wagon he drove....Or maybe he still lives at home, got fired from a couple jobs, and bought a new silly wagon. Heck it is so hard to keep it straight.

March 07

Olivia's Birthday would be the highlight of March. Not to mention watching Dani's kids while she went to Hawaii... We had a blast the days we had them. Olivia did a whole St. Patty's day theme. She loves birthdays and has been planning her next one since last year.

The First of Many....

What do you say on your very first post? I have been deliberating for a quite a while. Which is why there wasn't anything on my blog for so long. Do you only talk about things that are good? Do you only tell things that are funny? Do you air all of your dirty laundry? So my compromise is this...
I will do it all.
Here is a recap of the years events....
January 07
The second week of January I ran a Half Marathon in St. George with
my sister Dani. I kicked her trash. In all honesty she beat me, but hey its my blog so I should be able to say what I want.

We were lucky enough to have some friends take us to Cancun...Wow what a beautiful place. We really don't get out much so anything would impress us, but it was the most beautiful, and relaxing place I have ever been. Not to mention the people we went with were cool too. Thanks...

February 07
Nothing too exciting...Lots of working to make up for vacationing,
A Valentine's Dinner made by the Woodman's it was delicious I still remember.