Monday, January 21, 2008

December 07

December, of course is a different story. Started with Abi's Big Bash. She is 3, and no she still doesn't go on the potty. She is honestly the funniest girl I have yet to meet. She is clumsy, and honestly repeats the same sentence over and over. Ex: "Can I have some candy?" "No.." "Can I have some candy?" "Abigail No." "Can I have some candy." "Abi NO." "Can I have some candy." "Abigail I said no." "Can I have some candy." "Ok in a minute." "Ok mom." And you can substitute the word "candy" with anything she wants at the time. She is exhausting, yet the way she talks she really is sooo cute. Anyway, enough gushing about how great she is. For her party we danced, decorated Gingerbread houses, and then the usual birthday stuff. I attempted to make her a barbie cake because she wanted one, but it looked hideous so I threw it away. I know, I know there is some little girl in Africa that would have died to have a hideous looking barbie cake, but nonetheless it's in the garbage.