Thursday, December 10, 2009

O' Christmas Tree....

So all growing up we would go to tree lot, after tree lot, after tree lot. So as I have grown up I totally thought it just always had to be like that. However, every year we go we go to less and less lots before finding the perfect tree. In fact this year we went to one...And not only that but we only went down one aisle before finding it. We walked down the others just to make us not feel ripped off of that fun Christmas tree scouting experience. My conclusion is not that I am less picky than my mother, or that the tree lots only get good trees...My conclusion is this: No one buys real tree's anymore. And to that I say you are missing out...For sure.
For instance here are the top 10 things you have missed that we have not:
#1. The last two years I have had a spider egg in the tree and lots of little baby spiders bless our house within a couple of weeks. And they bring lots of decoration (spider webs) so pretty, so shiny, and my favorite part is they are thrown in free!
#2. Getting sap all over your hands from putting the lights on the tree, and don't forget you get to take them off at the end of the holiday celebration. FUN!!!
#3. Maneuvering under the branches to pour water into the little hole available in the stand only to realize you spilled most of it on the floor, and all just to make sure it dies slower than it already is.
#4. Already mentioned in the above paragraph, but...the family hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree. The freezing night, the fires in the garbage cans, the reindeer at the christmas lot, the nice guys who cut the bottom off, and charge you $ for a tree they cut down for free. (jk)
#5. The Christmas tree smell in your house that 1st day when you bring it home.
#6. Strapping it to the top of your car to bring it home, and praying that the ropes don't break and it goes crashing into the car behind you. (So it makes you have to be spiritual at this time of year since there aren't many other reasons)
#7. Finding a way to make it straight, and position the uneven spots so they are not visible to everyone right away.
#8. Having people ask you if it's real, touch it when you answer yes, and look at you like you are a tree murderer.
#9. Vacuuming up pine needles all month long.
#10. And the most important thing you miss out on is....Being able to say its real..When was anything better fake? Fake diamonds, no thanks...Fake snow, not a chance....Fake people, no way...Fake fireplaces, no need...Fake wood flooring, everyone knows its not wood...Fake boobs...Ok so you got me there, but a fake christmas tree? No one wants a perfect, pre-lit, easy to put together tree you don't have to water. It's just not right!!!
So next year when you pull your fake tree out of storage, and you have it up before Thanksgiving because you can. Think of my family and all we get to experience that you don't, and then pat yourself on the back because for heaven sakes..It's a lot easier, and you just saved another tree's life.

Ten Years Later...

These pictures taken by Livy are in the Empire room where our reception was ten years ago!!!!

The Photographer so happy to be there :)
Wow!!! Thats all I can say about that. Ten years have flown by. For our ten year I had big plans, but with moving and getting everything situated I had no energy and a lack of funds for these big plans. Jason's brother's family wasn't having that, so they took our kids, sent us packing up to Park City for a quiet weekend with each other (and a yummy gift basket with treats). It was very thoughtful, and very much appreciated. It was a fun weekend to reminisce about the last ten years, and figure out what we want to accomplish in the next ten together. One thing we both realized was that we both have kind of let the last ten years happen, took what came our way, the bad, the unexpected, the unwanted, the joys, and of course all the good. So we made some goals, and are excited for what the next ten bring us if we are so lucky :).
*And yes this was the first song we danced to as a married couple, cheesy yes, but it was the song in 1999.

My little brother, Parker, got engaged over the Thanksgiving weekend, and I am so anxious to see what life brings to them. Congratulations!!! We are all so happy for the two of you.