Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wish I was there....

Jason said my last post was too depressing so I need to spice it up...Well its not that life is depressing, but I just don't have time for many thoughts right now.

So I thought I would give you a peek into my thoughts...:

*When I get to go on my next vacation
*When my next day off from work is
*What and How to decorate Parker's wedding
*Livy is turning 8 on Tuesday, and all my big plans for it are suddenly vanishing
*How to get to Long Beach, walk the beach, feel the sun, and get back in time to work my amazing job.

I know I am not very deep...Crap now I am depressed...Sorry I'll think of something better...
To Be Continued....


Cheri C. said...

Love it!! I want to be back to the carolina beaches!!

Can I say that you are not depressing. You are just being real. I am struggling with how I have always had strong faith my whole life and now, faith is not all you need to get by right now.

I said something in RS last week when we were talking about personal revelation and how you do good, you get good, you do bad, you get bad blah, blah, blah(she was a great teacher, however). I have heard that my whole life and right now, it isn't that easy. I know there will come a time in the future(hopefully sooner than later :)) where we go, "Oh, that is why it happened and that is why I went through that", my question to the teacher was how do I get from this point to "that" point. One person mentioned how she had basically resolved to be in the now and not try to plan everything out (because we can't right now) because it was frustrating her and upsetting the family. We also need to learn to be content with what is allocated to us at the present time.

I can't tell you how many people came up to me last week and this week and told me they were feeling similar feelings but were too afraid to open up. So, I think what you are going through right now is just real and a LOT of people are going through it too. The only thing we can do is help each other out and do the best we can. Someone today gave me a quote, "It's not in the letting go of things (or situations, people, etc.), it's embracing the now of what we have and what will come of the now.

So, you know what... the beach will come, but if you need to blow up a pool and put some suntan lotion on for now, heck, it's what you have right now and "those" memories will be some you don't forget either. (and cross fingers that God will be warming things up pretty quickly around here).

Again, can I tell you how beautiful your family is. Those girls are so lucky to have you as their parents and vice versa. You guys are the cutest family.

I always wish you the best.

Thanks for sharing your feelings - good or bad. At least it's real and I know "I'm" not the only one... Take care!!

Anna said...

Um, wish you were here.

Ranell said...

I did not think your last post was depressing at all... I love reading your "lessons" and "thoughts" and can't wait for the next one. See you soon!

King Family said...

whitt...lets go to long beach in the next few weeks. i have a place for us to stay...it will be fun.

Tammi said...

What's up with LONG BEACH??? How about San Diego? I have a room for you guys and we keep looking out the window for you guys to get here...where are you? No but really, I'm sorry that you've been going through this hard junk. Aren't you glad you have two adorable little girls and one lucky husband to love you? Sometimes that's the only thing we can see worth smiling about--you already know all this though...just don't stop laughing! I miss you and hope you know what a fabulous woman and mom you are!